Milwaukee Repeater Club

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Meeting Location

The Milwaukee Repeater Club meets the third Wednesday of every month at 7 pm.

Waterstone Bank
6560 S 27th St
Oak Creek, WI

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Member Discussion
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We encourage the new, as well as the seasoned Amateur Radio operator to make use of our repeater system. The Milwaukee Repeater is an open repeater, and newcomers are welcome. Stop by and visit us while in the greater Milwaukee area.

Our nickname is "The Friendly One" because we try very hard to make the 146.91 a great place for hams to meet their friends and to make new ones.


Club callsign: WI9MRC

Club Officers

President Karen Burris, KC9WQJ [email protected]

Vice President Blake Klingle, KD9JKC [email protected]

Secretary Jason Phillips, KD9HFW [email protected]

Treasurer Rick, KD9OBG [email protected]

Activities Ron Clayton, KC9PQD