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W/K Amateur Radio Club of Greater Milwaukee

Meeting Location

Meetings take place monthly, on the first Monday at 7 pm.

Meeting location varies. If the details of the club (below) interest you, please contact us for more information.


Club Objectives

  1. Operate as an organized unit in the annual American Radio Relay League (“ARRL”) Field Day and the Wisconsin QSO Party events.
  2. Provide emergency communications as an organized unit when the situation arises.
  3. Maintain ARRL affiliation, including maintaining a minimum of 51% of Active Members being active members of ARRL, and submitting an annual report each year to the ARRL.
  4. Encourage Club members to upgrade their licenses and improve their operating skills.
  5. Encourage and mentor any interested individuals to become licensed and proficient amateur radio operators in the areas of Club Objectives.


New members must attend three meetings before applying for membership, at which point the application will be voted on by the members in attendance.

Club Officers

Rick McGaver, NK9G

Secretary & Treasurer:
Andre Robitaille, WT9X

Contact Information

Online Locations

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