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Greater Milwaukee DX Association

Meeting Location

GMDXA meetings are held on the fourth Monday of the month at 7:30 p.m. There are no meetings in December, July or August. Meeting locations vary, please contact us for the location if you would like to attend a meeting.

Online Locations



The Greater Milwaukee DX Association is an Amateur Radio Club that promotes DXing in the following ways:

  • All members share the common interest in communicating with other radio amateurs throughout the world. We individually do this in our own unique ways.
  • All bands, modes and power levels are used to further the sport of DXing
  • We foster a mutual assistance attitude and camaraderie where each member's successes are celebrated and help is provided to improve our stations and skills
  • We maintain communications with other DX organizations and groups to exchange ideas and promote unity throughout the DX Fraternity
  • The GMDXA is proud to promote and support selected Dxpeditions and members of the DX community through membership sponsored funding


Three types of GMDXA membership are available:

  • Full Member: Possession of the ARRL DXCC Certificate is required or proof of confirmation of QSOs with a minimum of 25 countries.
  • Family Member: Additional family members who meet the requirements of a Full Member, but live at the same address of a Full Member, may join the GMDXA as a family member.
  • Associate Member: Meets the requirements of a Full Member and who live a minimum of sixty miles from downtown Milwaukee. This is a nonvoting membership. Regular dues apply. Exceptions to the sixty mile limit can be made (and voted upon) on an individual basis if circumstances warrant.
  • Honorary Member: Members who have provided extraordinary service to the GMDXA, may be granted an Honorary Membership. This is a dues free, non-voting membership.
  • Other DXers not eligible for membership may attend meetings if sponsored by a full member. Such sponsorship is encouraged to promote future membership of those with a developing interest in DXing.

If you would like more information about the GMDXA, just use the Contact Us area on our website. Our members are from a wide-spread area of southeastern Wisconsin and we would be happy to help with any questions.


Jerry Scherkenbach, N9AW

Vice President
Bill Ribish, W9LR

Secretary & Treasurer
Ron Gorski, N9AU

Contact Information

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